ZenQ Brand Story:


Teresa’s favorite moments in childhood were vacationing at her grandpa and

granny’s countryside home every summer holiday.

In the midsummer afternoon, grandpa held her little hand and took her to a local ice cream parlor to chat with other residents. She thoroughly enjoyed munching on shaved ice and slurping on tofu pudding. She also liked chilling out under the tree with a popsicle in her hand while talking to grandpa and listening to his stories amid the cries of cicadas. Paging through old photos from her childhood, Teresa was overwhelmed with a profound sense of nostalgia. Although it is just an ordinary bowl of dessert available

everywhere, the feeling of kinship and sweet memories of happiness is irreplaceable.

Teresa’s sentimental attachment to her childhood is akin to the epitome of progress and development in Taiwan, thus her memories are also common memories shared by many of us. Now, “Zen Q Dessert and Ice Cream” will re-create the simple, down to earth and natural feelings and convey such “happiness” to everyone’s hearts, so that we can continue our “happiness” and “touching sentiments”.